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About Us

About Skyship Company

Skyship Co., L.T.D has been operating in the Masai Mara since 2006.

Our camp is located on the western bank of the Mara River. It is about 10 minute drive from Kichwa Tembo, Bateleur and Olonana Tented Camps, and a 15 minute drive from Oloololo Gate (the North West gate of the Masai Mara Reserve). See Map.

Skyship has 3 balloons: Lindstrand 210 (6 passengers) and 2 Lindstrand 400 (16 passengers).

Our balloons are ordered directly from the Lindstrand factory and are also fitted with seats. Our hot air balloons are made specially for operation in the Masai Mara.

Lindstrand Balloons

Lindstrand is considered to be the best balloon manufacturer in the world.

We launch the balloons from our camp at sun rise. Large electric fans cold-inflate the balloon; the electric fans are operating silently so that the guests can hear animals in the serene atmosphere of the Mara. When the balloon is inflated the pilot lights the gas burners and heats the balloon. The heat launches the balloon in to the air. As soon as the balloon is launched, the passengers step inside the basket and the pilot takes off.

The average flight duration is 1hr; traveling approximately 15 to 25 Km depending the wind condition. On 95% of the days the wind takes us south deep into the Masai Mara Reserve where we land. Up on landing a luxurious Champagne breakfast is served followed by a game drive en route your journey back to you hotel, camp, or lodge.

Our Pilots

Our pilots are highly experienced balloon operators and have accumulated numerous hours in the profession. They have also spent a lot of time in the Masai Mara and this has provided them with excellent knowledge of the Masai Mara and made them good tour guides.

Mr. Gelbart Shachar is our Director of Operations and Chief Pilot. He is qualified on both a fixed wing aircraft as well as commercial balloons. He has flown in Canada, America and Kenya. He has been in Kenya since 1993.

Mr Peter Tanguay is originally from the USA and has been flying in the Masai Mara Kenya since 1993.Peter has thousands of hours experience and has been flying in many destinations around the world.

Mr Piotr Gorney from Poland has been flying with us since 2013 he has thousands of hours experience and has been flying balloons since 1997. Pioter has flown all over the world including Europe, Japan  and the Middle east.

Mr Christian Wordsworth from England has been flying with us since 2013. He has been flying in the USA prior to that. His Passion is flying balloons in the wilderness of Africa.

Mr. Gelbart Shachar is our Director of Operations and Chief Pilot